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This journal exists so that I might read the peeps on LJ who have left.
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is a go!

...his/her name is not, you know, actually, Boudreaux. It is just what I call it until I know what it is going to be. Also, it manages to mildly bother the hubs (he has A Thing about last names being used as first names) and his mother (Boudreaux who they tell redneck jokes about in Louisiana.) Fun!
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I feel that perhaps I should be offended...but..I can't be. It looks so damn FUNNY.
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At this time:

Artemis is playing with a dirty blanket on the floor 1

Maya is playing with the water dish.

I am not sure what Hector is doing, but I am sure that it is equally odd.

1. I... Look, it's in the 'to be washed' pile, okay? Don't judge me.


26 May 2010 12:21 pm
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Is here!


Is fit most perfect.

Is....tragically forgot to add extra length at bottom for TALL PEOPLE IN SHOES.

Oh, darn. Now I have to buy new shoes. ZAPPOS ho1! Pictures forthcoming when I have a day off, or something.

1. That's right, bitches. I found somewhere that makes mah shoe size!
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So, remember how I said that FIII was getting jacked around? In order to explain it, I have decided to create for you A play )

As do I!

NEW ETA: Summer? and then? who the hell knows. He MAY get the orders to Meade, may get the ones to the Sandbox. May in fact not go anywhere after the shop holds him ransom.

Go Navy?
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Back to work this week. Well, Sunday, to be exact.

Long day was long. Also learned that I am unable to bear the weight of headphones for a full shift1. This makes my job SLIGHTLY problematical, but not impossible. It's just more funny than anything. I've been rocking them DJ style. On the plus side, can now hear people attempting to sneak up on me. Losers.

Got my follow up with the Doc today, who will presumably tell me I am fine to do whatever I should so desire. And whatever I am supposed to do for PT but do NOT desire. I am going to ask him for an "at your own pace" chit for a week so I can get back into running without the PT leaders HASSLING me. They do so like to do that.

Other than that, things are mellow and chill. Elder Sib (AKA Crunchy2) is thinking of leaving the gulf coast and has popped up here for a few days to check the area and check out the job market. He's been cleaning my house. Which, I mean, if you know Crunchy this is tantamount to trumpets sound and horsemen and what have you. Am a BIT concerned. Not like, a lot, cause he is a nice fellow and is most likely just trying to help.

Also, and more importantly! he unborked the Jeep! The top goes up and EVERYTHING. I am sure that FIII will be relieved. *I* sure am. And and Ray Charles3 has offered me his ShopVac! The Jeep will be livable again! All I want to get done now is radio fixing MAYBE and definitely replace the carpet...thingies.

Now...where did FIII put those backseat windows?...

1. Laugh it up, fuzzball.
2.No, no I don't know either.
3. No relation.


26 February 2010 06:13 pm
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Well, I am now mostly alive again.

Apparently, my ears were not as bad as originally thought1, so we didn't have to go all drastic with the ear chopping. My bandages consist of a cotton ball and a bandaid. ya rly.

There's some pain, and some bleeding, but is not all bad.

Gotta go back and see the doc on the16th.

We shall hope that this be the end of it, but Dr. McKinnon says there's a 70% chance it could come back. :/

Anyways. I am alive!

1. I KNOW! Who knew?


24 February 2010 09:07 pm
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Surgery call time is 0545 tomorrow.

That is WAY too early.

Momma is here for to drive me.

I am going to bed now.
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I mean, I JUST cleaned the litterbox.


*seething rage*
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I totally just put down a deposit on my wedding dress!
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Cats do not like it when I watch football.




5 February 2010 10:05 pm
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This week is totally fucking fired.


30 January 2010 08:05 pm
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Hector is....rolling around in my dirty laundry.

Y'all I don't EVEN KNOW.
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In other news:
Woot! Superbowl!
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Point me to the Watson/Holmes1.

(p.s. go see, is amazing!)

1. Their love is so deductive!
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I shall now (and possibly in the future) present to you the trials and tribulations of a High Fructose Corn Syrup Free Diet.

Why? Long story.

First: watch this lecture on Fructose1
(here's the long part of the story - about an hour and a half.) Go ahead. Take a bit to watch it. Come back tomorrow if you have to.

Ok, now that you can eat again2...Or for those of you who don't have time, let's recap the points that made me go "BUH?"

- We have an obesity epidemic in this country. Oh, you knew that? Did you know that it's among six-month-olds?

- Americans eat an average of 141 pounds of sugar a year. ONE HUNDRED. AND FORTY ONE POUNDS, people. For most of us, that's like eating your significant other. In SUGAR. Every. Single. Year. Ew.

- Over half of that is taken in as HFCS.

- HFCS breaks the system in your body that says "I'm full."

- HFCS is processed by your body like FAT. Not as a carb.

- Chronic overuse of HFCS has the same effects as alcoholism on the body.

- There are a grand total of SEVEN menu items3 at McDonald's that do NOT have HFCS in4. O.o

I mean, I've noticed (I'm sure y'all have, too) that it's in everything. And the Corn Refiner folks have noticed that we're noticing. And they've got all those commercials telling us that it's FINE for you. In moderation.

So. Late last week I went on a bit of a frenzy. I decided no more HFCS. I went through my kitchen.

Y'all, I can't FIND it in moderation.

It was in my bread.5 It was in my Stove Top stuffings. It was in my lemonade. My Chex Mix. It was in my snack bars. My SAUSAGE. My LUNCH MEAT.

My garbage can is full, and I'm a bit disgusted.

This has gotten a bit long. I shall carry on more later. After I go grocery shopping.

1. He says "fruck-tose" not "Frook-tose". that bothers me for some reason.
2. yeah, took me a few hours, too
3. that is menu items, not shit they have. I'm pretty sure (God I hope) that hamburger PATTIES are HFCS-free, but the hamburger as a whole (bun, ketchup et al)
4. They are: french fries, hashbrowns, sausage, McNuggets (no sauce), coffee, unsweet tea, and diet Coke.
5. I'm a baker, so I know sugar goes in bread. It should NOT be one of the first 2 ingredients.


6 June 2009 08:35 pm
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am getting married.


1 September 2008 10:27 pm
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For those of you who are not used to seeing fic here, please bear with me, it should be a rare occurrence.

For those of you who are pretty big on reading post- (or pre- or just simply) apocalyptic fandomy stories, go to [livejournal.com profile] apocalyptothon and enjoy.

Big, HUGE thank you to my betas [The Elder Sibling] and brynwulf.

With no futher ado, I present!

Title: Scenes from the Great Apocalyptic Novel (or, Xander wakes up a lot)
Author: [livejournal.com profile] timba
Recipient: [livejournal.com profile] gryvon
Fandom: Buffy
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Possible Season 4?
Warnings: Boy kissin'.
Word Count: 4,677
Summary: Spike and Xander attempt to find and kill one of the many demons trying to destroy the planet...while not killing each other.

The Novel )
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i survived the day.

no cards. no flowers. no dinner. no heartfelt kisses reserved for me. im hopeless. anyway. i did get an email and an im that made smile. i love you. thank you.

digel is either my mom or my sugar daddy. that was decided last night. coupla peeps from the team went out to "valentines day bitter bowl" she bought my game, my beer, then we played pool and she paid for that as well and even gave me her smokies. i owe her big time.

and now. i have money. ima go to the bank on lunch and then i'll have money in the bank, and im gettin my ink tomorrow and just YAYness.

its not any better.

98 degrees is not helpin either let me tell you.



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