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is a go!

...his/her name is not, you know, actually, Boudreaux. It is just what I call it until I know what it is going to be. Also, it manages to mildly bother the hubs (he has A Thing about last names being used as first names) and his mother (Boudreaux who they tell redneck jokes about in Louisiana.) Fun!
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Back to work this week. Well, Sunday, to be exact.

Long day was long. Also learned that I am unable to bear the weight of headphones for a full shift1. This makes my job SLIGHTLY problematical, but not impossible. It's just more funny than anything. I've been rocking them DJ style. On the plus side, can now hear people attempting to sneak up on me. Losers.

Got my follow up with the Doc today, who will presumably tell me I am fine to do whatever I should so desire. And whatever I am supposed to do for PT but do NOT desire. I am going to ask him for an "at your own pace" chit for a week so I can get back into running without the PT leaders HASSLING me. They do so like to do that.

Other than that, things are mellow and chill. Elder Sib (AKA Crunchy2) is thinking of leaving the gulf coast and has popped up here for a few days to check the area and check out the job market. He's been cleaning my house. Which, I mean, if you know Crunchy this is tantamount to trumpets sound and horsemen and what have you. Am a BIT concerned. Not like, a lot, cause he is a nice fellow and is most likely just trying to help.

Also, and more importantly! he unborked the Jeep! The top goes up and EVERYTHING. I am sure that FIII will be relieved. *I* sure am. And and Ray Charles3 has offered me his ShopVac! The Jeep will be livable again! All I want to get done now is radio fixing MAYBE and definitely replace the carpet...thingies.

Now...where did FIII put those backseat windows?...

1. Laugh it up, fuzzball.
2.No, no I don't know either.
3. No relation.


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