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Birthdate:Jul 20
About the Timba:

I'm 29-year old mostly grown woman. I like to argue, and I'm pretty sure I'm usually right. Don't agree? You're just wrong. ;)
...No seriously. I'd argue with a barn door, if I thought I had a chance of swaying it to my way of thinking.

I was just recently discharged from the US Navy, and am now doing the Navy Wife Thing. We're stationed at (of all places) Fort Gordon, Ga. Yes that's ANOTHER Army base. Yes, it's really far from the ocean. No you cannot make that joke, and yes, I've heard it. :D Also, no, I am not pleased with this, but home is where the Navy sends you. I will still complain about the way the Army runs things.

For the most part, I type the way I talk. I sometimes make shit up for effect. So, yes. I know that "giveded" and "SPECKING" are not actually words, but they're fun and I use them anyway. I am also a really really bad typist. I do attempt to spellcheck, and catch typos, but sometimes I don't have time. So there ya go.

Favorite Type Things:

FIII aka The Hubs. He's quite fantastic.

I love pop music. I really love the Backstreet Boys. I feel no shame about this. Other than my unhealthy addiction to pretty dancing boys, I have no favorite music style. I'll listen to just about anything. (And I really mean that.)

I love to read. Lemme say it again, just for effect. I LOVE to read. A lot of sci-fi and fantasy with a few Tawdry Romance Novels(tm) for spice. Well, actually, I like mysteries and true crime, too.

Come to think on it, that interest list can pretty much be applied to my movie choices as well. That, and war movies. ...And possibly animated films, but I'm not admitting anything in public. I don't watch a lot of TV, cause. Well, mainly it's a lack of time. What I like (and can afford), I buy on DVD. That list currently includes Doctor Who NCIS, GoodEats, Buffy, and Firefly. What I like, and CAN'T afford includes MythBusters and just about everything else on the Food Network.

That's about all I got.

(except for this.)

Buy me stuff?</font>
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