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I shall now (and possibly in the future) present to you the trials and tribulations of a High Fructose Corn Syrup Free Diet.

Why? Long story.

First: watch this lecture on Fructose1
(here's the long part of the story - about an hour and a half.) Go ahead. Take a bit to watch it. Come back tomorrow if you have to.

Ok, now that you can eat again2...Or for those of you who don't have time, let's recap the points that made me go "BUH?"

- We have an obesity epidemic in this country. Oh, you knew that? Did you know that it's among six-month-olds?

- Americans eat an average of 141 pounds of sugar a year. ONE HUNDRED. AND FORTY ONE POUNDS, people. For most of us, that's like eating your significant other. In SUGAR. Every. Single. Year. Ew.

- Over half of that is taken in as HFCS.

- HFCS breaks the system in your body that says "I'm full."

- HFCS is processed by your body like FAT. Not as a carb.

- Chronic overuse of HFCS has the same effects as alcoholism on the body.

- There are a grand total of SEVEN menu items3 at McDonald's that do NOT have HFCS in4. O.o

I mean, I've noticed (I'm sure y'all have, too) that it's in everything. And the Corn Refiner folks have noticed that we're noticing. And they've got all those commercials telling us that it's FINE for you. In moderation.

So. Late last week I went on a bit of a frenzy. I decided no more HFCS. I went through my kitchen.

Y'all, I can't FIND it in moderation.

It was in my bread.5 It was in my Stove Top stuffings. It was in my lemonade. My Chex Mix. It was in my snack bars. My SAUSAGE. My LUNCH MEAT.

My garbage can is full, and I'm a bit disgusted.

This has gotten a bit long. I shall carry on more later. After I go grocery shopping.

1. He says "fruck-tose" not "Frook-tose". that bothers me for some reason.
2. yeah, took me a few hours, too
3. that is menu items, not shit they have. I'm pretty sure (God I hope) that hamburger PATTIES are HFCS-free, but the hamburger as a whole (bun, ketchup et al)
4. They are: french fries, hashbrowns, sausage, McNuggets (no sauce), coffee, unsweet tea, and diet Coke.
5. I'm a baker, so I know sugar goes in bread. It should NOT be one of the first 2 ingredients.
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